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Animals, Paramahansa Yogananda, and the nature of reality

When I began to study animal communication, I found myself doubting what I was experiencing. I was receiving images and sensations and emotions that were not originating in my head or body. But even while experiencing this and knowing that the experience was real,  I still found myself doubting that I was truly communicating with an animal.  I mean really…how could I prove it?

The fact was, I couldn’t prove it. And I eventually found out that was okay with me.  I realized I had no need to prove it because I was living in the reality of it.

Just because a phenomenon cannot be proven does not mean that it doesn’t exist. It only means that we have no method of proving it.

There is some great company in this realm of thinking.  The spiritual giant Paramahansa Yogananda had one of the best comebacks of all time for defining reality.  A skeptic and non-believer once demanded that Yogananda prove to everyone that God exists.

Yogananda replied, “Prove to me your thoughts exist.”

This is what animal communication is to me–a silent dialogue that is as real to me as the wind on my face. The experience can’t be communicated, only the story of the experience.

And that is enough for now.